Saturday, September 01, 2007

I See You


grace said...

Nine little kitty cats
dancing on a gate,
one misstep –
then there were eight.

Eight little kitty cats
looking up to heaven,
the sky fell down –
then there were seven.

Seven little kitty cats
stepping on some sticks,
didn't see that hole –
then there were six.

Six little kitty cats
went on a dive,
didn't learn to swim –
then there were five.

Five little kitty cats
sleeping on the floor,
a dog came in –
then there were four.

Four little kitty cats
climbing up a tree,
a branch broke off –
then there were three.

Three little kitty cats
visiting the zoo,
met an alligator –
then there were two.

Two little kitty cats
playing in the sun,
a car sped by –
then there was one.

One little kitty cat
got no where to run,
his brothers returned –
then there was none.

angel011 said...

Now that's a sad one.