Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Joy of Working Again

Typing Cat - photo by Dr Stephen Dann

At the very beginning of the year, I was left without work. It was a shock. It made me feel ill. It's not just the matter of income (although, of course, it does matter a lot), it'a also that I'm not used to not working. And, fine, I'm not used to not earning either. I didn't earn much, but it was still something.

Three days later, a dear friend found me something, a translation of a novel from Croatian to English. I've never translated an entire novel before, but hey, why not? The money wasn't much, but I was also learning while I was translating, I was getting experience and I was practicing, so that was good.

I translated the novel. I got the money. Err, now what?

A lot of people told me they'd keep me in mind if something came up. Great, but I was impatient for something to come up immediately. Of course, I didn't just wait for them to find me something to do, I also applied wherever I thought it made sense.

Today, I started the translation of a charming YA fantasy novel from English to Serbian. I suppose that the publishing house I'm doing it for will give me more to translate if they're happy with my work. My writing will probably slow down as I spend the entire day translating, but hey, I enjoy doing it. Yes, I'm a workaholic, and I enjoy being one, as long as I'm doing something interesting.

Happy at my keyboard again. Yay!


Kelly Hashway said...

Good luck with the new project!

angel011 said...


Cathy said...

May your fingers hover happily over your keyboard for a thousand years!

angel011 said...

Thanks, I hope they will!

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Have fun with your new project! :)

angel011 said...

Thanks, I do! It's a pleasure and fun to translate this one, and I'm sure it will make a nice gift to some teenage girls once it's done.