Monday, June 11, 2012

Back to Work

I didn't expect this...

I didn't expect this.

What I expected was to go to Croatia and visit my family, and then to get back home, and back to work. But it turned out that SO got a vacation just when I got back, and since this time I didn't have a deadline to finish the translation, it meant I could just relax with him. Which I, of course, did. And enjoyed it.

And now, I start working again, later than I expected. It feels a bit weird, both not working for so long, and then starting again. What also feels a bit weird is slipping into the old routine so easily (come to think of it, that's what routines are for, you easily slip into them and get the work done without much fuss).

I'm not even sure what the point of this post is, other than me feeling slightly puzzled, and trying to figure it out. Does any of this - unexpectedness, not working for longer than you expected, and yet easily falling back into the routine - sounds familiar to you?

P.S. Hopefully, my next post will have more of a point - you'll get to read some flash fiction. Stay tuned!


Kelly Hashway said...

I think it just means you came back refreshed, and that's a good thing. Enjoy it.

brenda said...

I agree with Kelly, sometimes what we think we want isn't what we really need. Thanks for visiting, btw.

angel011 said...

@Kelly: it could be that I'm just refreshed; I'm not sure I recognize the feeling.

@Brenda: yes, it looks like I needed that longer vacation. And you're welcome! Thanks for dropping by!

Karen Wojcik Berner said...

I was wondering what happened to you.

I understand how you feel. I was just gone for a few days to my 25-year college reunion and came back completely discombobulated. :)

angel011 said...

And now I've learned a new word, although I'm not sure if I'll remember it. Sweet! :)

Beverly Diehl said...

Breaks are good things, even if they're longer than expected. Glad you got to spend time relaxing with your honey.

Wish I could get my cat to work the 'puter, she just comes and whines at me for food/attention.

angel011 said...

I'm glad about that too!

You probably don't really want your cat to work the computer, I doubt you'd like the results. :)